N&S Unlimited


A collaborative group project that aimed at a set of research insights and design recommendations to support the redevelopment of a website aimed at attracting business to East Anglia.

My roles

User researcher
User interface designer

Project type

UX research




I did my first group project in UX, and it was a beneficial experience to work with other people. Our group's task was to carefully analyse the site and present the company with ways to improve it, based on the research carried out.

Norfolk & Suffolk Unlimited is a global brand aimed at attracting investment to both regions. The project involves collaboration between public, private, and local partners to promote the region's purpose, boost business growth, and attract inward investment.

The proposed solution involved presenting the company with ways to enhance the design and usability of its website, based on the findings of the research conducted.


In the first week, we met with N&S Unlimited team to discuss project details and objectives, focusing on areas needing improvement. Simultaneously, we began visually analysing the current site.

We conducted comprehensive research, mapping the website thoroughly, assessing each page and layout, identifying numerous areas for enhancement. Additionally, we interviewed various stakeholders, including Norfolk & Suffolk case studies, and other relevant individuals to gather valuable user insights.

Competitor Research

To pinpoint the best features and improvements for N&S Unlimited, we conducted an extensive analysis of regional competitor websites and their social media platforms.

After reviewing N&S Unlimited's website and conducting interviews, we delved into thorough research on their regional competitors, identifying preferred and suitable resources. We also assessed their social media presence, which was another area in need of improvement for N&S Unlimited.

Flattening and Merging the Document All in One

For our usability review of N&S Unlimited, we developed a design document and other supporting materials to present our proposed solutions and enhancements. After collecting and analysing our research data, we consolidated our findings into a design document that we shared with N&S Unlimited.

In this document, my role was to evaluate the website's usability, pinpoint areas needing improvement, and suggest ways to address these issues. Meanwhile, my team members focused on presenting the rest of our research and highlighting key information we uncovered.

Design Developments

Although the project's primary focus was on UX, I personally undertook the task of designing a UI prototype for the Contacts page, utilizing all the research I had conducted. I designed a one-page concept with information from the N&S Unlimited team and their contacts.
Desktop version
Mobile version

Typography & Colour

My primary aim in revamping the N&S Unlimited website page was to ensure that the brand's authenticity and established identity remained intact throughout the redesign process.


After our presentation to N&S Unlimited, we received numerous positive comments. Although the project was intriguing, it posed challenges such as working with extensive content, various functions, multiple responsibilities, and unexpected changes in plans.

Despite being less comfortable with UX, I overcame several obstacles and made valuable research contributions. I believe the design artefact for the "Contact Us" page was a beneficial addition to the project.